Too Much and Not Enough at The Same Time

Too Much, Not Enough, All at Once

The title of this post is from a Jack Kerouac quote, having to do with falling in love. I have a more prosaic interpretation: it’s the key problem in health IT, everywhere you look. Health IT solutions provide a lot of data, but it’s usually too much, and what the user is actually looking for is often missing. Too much and not enough at the same time. Because data itself only becomes useful when context and meaning transform it into information. This can be especially true when data and information are presented [...]

Future Cognitive Healthcare

Future Cognitive Company

Thomas Davenport in his article “AI for the Real World” describes how the “Future Cognitive Company” would use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help find answers to the key strategic questions for the firm. He writes: “Most cognitive tasks [performed by AI algorithms] do work that wasn’t done by humans in the first place, such as big-data analytics.”

Healthcare providers are Cognitive Companies — today and in the future. And as Value-Based Care continues to grow, the various reimbursement and incentive models make care delivery increasingly complex, adding to the need to be [...]

Population Health Intelligence

Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Population Health is starting a new graduate degree program in Population Health Intelligence. As an adjunct faculty member in the program, I’m working on preparing one of the foundational courses, called Health Data Acquisition and Management. Multiple connotations surround the word “Intelligence,” and I think it’s important to realize what this term means and what it’s trying to achieve. The meaning can vary depending on context and intention. Here are three examples of current uses of the word intelligence, and how I believe these connotations will apply to our Population Health Intelligence curriculum. Business [...]

Alvin Toffler, inspiring futurologist

Alvin Toffler passed away last week, June 27 2016. He was author of Future Shock, The Third Wave, and Powershift. I read his books while I was doing my rotations in med school, and Toffler’s vision helped motivate my move into Health IT.

His futurist books deal with the move into the information age. The Third Wave (1980) describes the information age, after the first (agriculture) and second (industrial) waves. Similarly, Powershift (1990) describes the move from muscle power (first wave), capital power (second), to knowledge as source of power in the third wave, the information age.

What [...]

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The 2019 U.S. National Health IT Week will focus on Supporting Healthy Communities and driving transformation of our health and wellness ecosystem
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To solve the problems of data overkill, and key information left out, in the near future Search and AI modalities will need to efficiently pull relevant information out of the overflowing stream.
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Despite large investments in analytics, BI, and data warehouses, many organizations don’t use their “Data Analytics Asset” to help solve big problems for the organization.
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Healthcare Provider Organizations, Health IT firms, Implementation and Services Organizations come together to create a platform of interoperability — Improving secure data access and sharing.
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It's Not Personal Data If It's De-Identified