Health Services Platform Consortium

Where Progress Comes Together Last week I attended the annual meeting of the HSPC – the Health Services Platform Consortium. HSPC is a group of Healthcare Provider Organizations, Health IT firms, Implementation and Services Organizations working together toward a platform of interoperability, where health data is accessible to applications and systems outside the single-EHR walls.

HSPC is uniquely positioned to help push the Interoperability goal forward because:
  • It is primarily driven by Health Provider Organizations – not just Health IT vendors
  • Some of the large specialty organizations are members of HSPC (ACOH, AAFP, ACS) — with [...]

Alvin Toffler, inspiring futurologist

Alvin Toffler passed away last week, June 27 2016. He was author of Future Shock, The Third Wave, and Powershift. I read his books while I was doing my rotations in med school, and Toffler’s vision helped motivate my move into Health IT.

His futurist books deal with the move into the information age. The Third Wave (1980) describes the information age, after the first (agriculture) and second (industrial) waves. Similarly, Powershift (1990) describes the move from muscle power (first wave), capital power (second), to knowledge as source of power in the third wave, the information age.

What [...]

Harm Scherpbier
The 2019 U.S. National Health IT Week will focus on Supporting Healthy Communities and driving transformation of our health and wellness ecosystem
Harm Scherpbier
The high cost of healthcare in America is the issue everybody seems to agree upon...So why are candidates debating about Medicare For All?
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To solve the problems of data overkill, and key information left out, in the near future Search and AI modalities will need to efficiently pull relevant information out of the overflowing stream.
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Despite large investments in analytics, BI, and data warehouses, many organizations don’t use their “Data Analytics Asset” to help solve big problems for the organization.
Harm Scherpbier
Healthcare Provider Organizations, Health IT firms, Implementation and Services Organizations come together to create a platform of interoperability — Improving secure data access and sharing.
Harm Scherpbier
It's Not Personal Data If It's De-Identified